Question: Made in Abyss Helmet base?


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In short, I am torn on what to use as a base in order to make one of the helmets in Made in Abyss.




At first glance they look a lot like pith helmets with the round rim and cloth like appearance (in some shots from the anime, you can see stitching on the bottom of the rim).

But then I remembered the Japanese Type 90 Helmet with the cloth cover. The anime helmet rim flares out a bit but I thought the pith helmet flare was a bit too drastic while the Type 90's is of a lesser degree, yet it still doesn't exactly match the anime. Given that the characters are expecting to see some violence, it would make sense to me that their helmets would offer some legitimate protection versus just simply being made of pith.


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Not familair with the series, but from a brief look at some clips and screenshots the cloth cover on the helmet is split into 6 segments and has a reinforcing tape on the inner edge of the rim, which are features of the Type 90 cloth cover so I'd go towards a Type 90 too. Using 1930's/WWII retro styling isn't unusual in anime, is it?

From what I've seen the plot/setup has a lot of similarities to Alex Garland's Annihilation.