pvc pipe sceleton for dummy


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so im on the way of building a duct tape dummy

i know how to do it, but im not sure about the piping. the cheapest piping is 2,69 for 2 m, but its 2 cm, so im not sure if that is enough
the next step is 2.5 cm, which is 4,69 and i dont think there will be a lot of difference between those.
im kinda on a budget, and i allready got 3 rolls of duck tape and a painters overall, im gonna stuff with old news papers so that is free.

do you think the cheapest version will do for a basic sceleton with 2 legs, spine, and 2 arms, put on a square stand made out of pvc pipings?
I used 2" for mine -


More pics :

PVC Mannequin
na 2 inch are different to 2 cm :)
we dont have those pipes that u used here, but i found something else, i will look at another shop tomorrow because those pipes you have look better :)
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