Proton Grenade from ROTJ

Don Jarr

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Hi All

I actually started making this in 2007 (I had to check on my website it was so long ago) but then other life type things got in the way and it got put in storage with loads of other stuff but finally sorted stuff out and thought it was time to finish it off. The one in the essential guide seemed way different to the on screen one so based mine solely on screen caps taken from the film. Size wise I had the photo multiplier (lucky enough to be given one for some work I did helping someone with vader reveal mask) so scaled it using that as a known size. While the shape was quite easy to turn on my lathe, some of the detail bits were added on how they looked, but I think if came out ok.

So today I finally took the master out the mould and cast one to see how it came out, and now just have to make the base plate as its hollow for the magnets to be fixed to, then install the switch and battery box to turn the LED's on.


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You've done an amazing job of sculpting the top part!

Looks like there are two photomultiplier dynodes on it though.

Mara Jade's Father

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Since when were these called "proton" grenades?

Not that I knew either but based on the info at...

Proton grenade - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

aka sequence charge. There are several old sources listed so it probably got its name back then

That specific one is the...

7-PrG proton grenade - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

This is one of those prop replicas I have been wanting for a long time. I have the 2 vents. I was hoping to find some found items I could combine to make up the main body but never found quite the right elements. Like I said above, I would love to know if you plan on offering kits or completed replicas because you can color me interested.

Don Jarr

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Hi All

Sorry work has been getting in the way lately, and not had much spare time. So yes there are two photo multipliers, and yes they are the same as the ones on Darths reveal helmet. There were nine in the original valve tube thingy and a chum who was building a Darth mask gave me the spare one as a thank you for helping him, which was handy.

I do sell them but only as complete, finished painted and working.

So next project I fancy having a go at a e-web, so if anyone knows the model and make of the camera tripod used that would be a great start, or I will have to scratch build it.







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I was recently at a restaurant and happened to notice some very old smoke detectors on the ceiling that looked very similar to the profile of these. I wonder if the body is a found part from those?

Rhett J Martin

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OMG!! That it amazing!! To the silicone with you!!

Oops . . .damn thing looked so real I forgot you already cast it!!

Well done!

Mara Jade's Father

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Hi All

I do sell them but only as complete, finished painted and working.

I got mine today and it is fantastic. I have been wanting one of these for the last 5 years and now I got a great one. Magnetic attachment and steady/flashing lights. Very cool. Thank you Don Jarr for making this happen.


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hey great job! I, also have always wondered about these and it actually made my day seeing these made - feide, that was my first impression too. I'm sure there is some alarm, electronic ceiling device or canister thing - probably random - that they used. I'll keep my eye out. What keeps it sticking to walls and ceilings?

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