Protoform Heating Question


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Hi all.
This is my first ever question here and I'm really hoping that someone can help me make a decision.

I am currently building the Protoform Vacuum former from plans I purchased from Doug Walsh.
I have reached the stage of testing the heating elements and I have built my own from the following.
Ceramic Fibreboard
14 inch wound NiChrome wire that was wrapped around a doweling to create a 7 mm circular loop.
I have then connected up just 1 of these boards and the result is that it produced heat in excess of 400 degree (the detector stopped working at 400) ad then the board its self turned black.

I am doing all this in the Uk and connected the board using a standard 13amp fused plug to a wall socket. When I connected a second board the heater worked non stop for around 3 to 4 mins before the fuses went. I have since ordered all the relevant electrical parts in the instructions. I am importing from the US a circuit box, 20amp and 15 amp fuse along with the 2 needed oven contactors - 2 pole 120volt 40 amp fuses along with finding all other relevant electrical stuff.

I fear that I am totally miscalculating everything and this is resulting in the blackening of the boards.
Now I know due to being in the UK most voltage etc and amps etc are different to the US where these plans come from but I know that the boards should not be turning black and as such I am looking for some advice on either how to overcome this issue or if infact it might be best to bite the bullet and buy the premade stuff from Doug but this is going to cost almost 470 dollars and 320 UK pounds.

Has anyone in the UK built one of Dougs protoformers and if possible what were their experiences??

Please, please any help would be a godsend
Thanks in advance