Project Gunner started

Jarvis B

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While I'm waiting for rubber to set on my Tie Pilot project I decided to go on to the next , I took a cast of an MK-2 Navy Talker Helmet from a poorly made Vac mold and started the job of building it into an Imperial Gunner .
While I'm dong this build the plan is to create a Fantastic looking Fiber Glass Helmet along with build Vac Molds at the same time.

So here we go with the first set of pictures.

You can see the impression of the original metal trim that went around the helmet that gave me a great reference for trimming it to shape , I'm looking at photos tonight to refine the templates for the jaw so in the next few days the sculpt can get going .


Too Much Garlic

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COOL. Will you make the whole face a one-piece and then the rear skirt and comm-box separate pieces? That way it would give the buyer the option to position that back-skirt in the three (or more) known positions the originals were made in - straight back, downwards and inbetween.

Have been looking around for an accurate made one, so I'll be following this thread closely.