Unlimited Run Professional Muscle Undersuit


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Hi all

We are so pleased to announce our new Professional Muscle Undersuit! This is the perfect suit to give you that natural, superhero physique under your body suit.

We have spent years working on this suit to give it the most realism possible, yet have also concentrated on breathability, flexibly and washability.

Our suits are extremely flexible and move with the contours of your own musculature.

Please see our ad below for pictures as well as testimonials.

PM for pricing and more information.

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We wanted to let you know of a special promotion we are having right now!

Normally, a full suit runs $1200, but we are offering them at $999 for a limited time only.

Production time is about 4-6 weeks.

Anyone that is interested, I would encourage you to act quickly so we can get you on the top of the list.

Thank you
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Hey man!
Just found your suit. I'm looking at commissioning a MOS suit from Masked Rider on the rpf and I have a few questions about your muscle suit.
What density is the foam you use? My concern comes from the compression of the foam muscles once another tight suit is placed on top. Is it possible to get a suit shrink wrapped in some sort of polymer or some type of flexible plastic to prevent compression? I've been researching this build for 2 years now, found the best Superman MOS syuit I can (Maskedrider) but the muscle suit has been a headache! LOL!! Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks dude!! Shayne.
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