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I think we talked about this before, but I want to ask for a group consensus on a few names that I am not clear on.

1. Gort/Guardian

So, does anyone consider the P1 body with the Gort mask a full costume or an individual character different than the original P1?

Hot Toys came out with a "Guardian" character with the Gort mask and the P2 body. Is that how this character is seen at the end of P2 as one of the lost hunters?

What is he more commonly/officially known as, Gort or Guardian?

2. Elder/Ancient

I always thought that the Predator at the end of P2 was the Elder and the Predator at the end of AVP was the Ancient but I have been told they are both considered to be Elders. If so, I have seen "Ancient" thrown around a number of times, who does that refer to if not to the Predator at the end of AVP?

3. Lost Hunter/Lost Hunters

So the group of predators at the end of P2 are commonly referred to as the lost hunters. However, in some pictures and writeups there is one of the lost hunters labelled as "Lost Hunter." Is that correct or does that character also have another name? Is that just the P1 character?

4. Hippy/Hippie

This one is pretty easy. I have seen it spelled both ways. Which is it?

5. Snake/Rattlesnake

Same as above. I have seen it called both. Which is it?

6. Boar/Brother Boar

Is the only real difference between these two the paint on the helmet? Also, I have seen Brother Board sometimes referred to as "Boar Brother." Which is it?

OK, I think that is it for the moment.
1) gort was the original name given to him years before hot toys came out with their naming convention...( same deal with the lost hunters that name was given to those predators here on the lair)

2)Techincally they are both "elders"....the folks making AVP wanted to distinguish him so they called him ancient..potato potato.....

3) all the predators at the end of P2 were labeled "The lost hunters" here on the forum. the borg, snake, hippy, etc.. are all of the names the members here applied to them.

4) "Hippie"...due to his long dreds. named given by robillicus

5) "Snake" was name given to him by the painter of the first one..larry kidd

6) gene sculpted the original boar, he modified his sculpt and tweaked the brother boar is boar v.2

Thank you for playing "name that pred"
I always considered the "Gort/ Guardian" mask to be THE Original P1 mask. The change (to the P1 mask that we all are familiar with) was a decision that Winston made afterwards to keep the mystery of the horrific mandible face. He did not want the face of the Predator to be given away early in the movie and felt the original mask mimicked the face too much. All that being said, I do like the simplicity of design they came up with what we now know as the P1 bio. I never understood why that mask is known as Gort or Guardian though. Neither name fits it properly. The one at the end of P2 I consider to be a separate character. There is a definite difference both in helmet and armor between Boar and Brother Boar. I agree with everything else mentioned ( elder and such in P2 ). Except AVP, THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN MY PREDATOR WORLD!!
Alright good to know (applying some of this to the gallery). I do think the Elder from AVP should be called Ancient if only, as you mentioned to help cut down on confusion between him and the Predator from the end of P2.
To help answer your question Art I always thought that the name Gort would not referrence to the P1/Original Bio combo because it never made it as a full character in the film. Gort was the name for the Lost Hunter at that time at the end of P2 it was then did it make it to the film as a character. For the Ancient and Elder difference? The Elder in both in P2 and AVP are both Elders of their clan and ship kind of like Captains, so it goes in this order

Elder 1


The Lost Hunter is just due to the fact he was never given a proper name which I'm sorry did we not give him a name not here too long ago Andrew? There was a thread about it, but it would take me forever to find it. We started off with names like Copy Cat or something to that effect I forgot the name we agreed on though.

For Hippie is exactly how I saw the name spelled for a long time by the mods as just Hippie and not Hippy.

"Snake" Andrew already answered and last but not least

"Boar" and "Brother Boar" are based on the snouts I guess the sculpt as well as the paint scheme is different. Which you have gotten correct based on your work in the gallery.
Not to steal this post but what is the stunt bio? Unless I have read previous posts wrong I have seen it mentioned for the p1 and p2 bios.
So, if Robillicus gave me my name... Does that mean he's my dad?
Hippie is the correct spelling for a hippie, not hippy. If Robillicus named him in a beatnik sense that is.
yes rob is your father....

there is only one Elder in my book ...they can rename it if they want but we named the most important predators out there...

scar, wolf, celtic?....gimme a break
So, based on what you are telling me, we really shouldn't have a folder for Gort under Predator, just under Predator 2.
And what do you call these two dudes? Prop Store had them listed as "Temple Gaurds" but I know the one is basically the Elder mask, just not painted up as spiffy.

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I would call the one on the left 'Elder', and the one on the right 'Ancient', although strictly speaking the Elder bio should have the mouth cut out of the front of the bio. So perhaps 'Elder style'. And the 'ancient' name came from the fact that the bio showed up in the flashback to ancient times in AVP.

I'd have to agree that the Gort should only be listed under P2. Even though it was designed for P1 and was on set, it wasn't ever seen in the movie.
the Boars bios are different but very similar, I use to own both but now I only got the Brother boar (my profile pic right now), I will make a combo picture soon to compare them
And what do you call these two dudes? Prop Store had them listed as "Temple Gaurds" but I know the one is basically the Elder mask, just not painted up as spiffy.
Yeah I agree with hez the one on the left is the Elder and the one on the right is the Ancient. The one on the Left is the same Elder at the end of the movie it was decorated more as time went on because Predators live for hundreds of years I believe the Elder in AVP is the same Elder in the flashback on top of the pyramid.
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MeanGene's New Boar gen. 2 bio- painted and photo by Gene

MeanGene's Brother Boar bio- painted and photo by me (on phone camera)

MeanGene's New Boar gen. 1 and his Brother boar bio- painted and photos by Gene


2. Elder/Ancient
The elder in P2 is also known as Greyback, which I think is more direct then writing "Elder".
The elder bios in AvP is also called AvP Elder bio and AvP Ancient. Again, more direct to what the person is referring too.

3. Lost hunter
I have seen him being called Doppleganger too, not just P1 style. I think calling him "lost hunter" will confuse between the group and him. "Lost Hunters" will always be the group for me at least.

6.Boar/Bother Boar
The bios are quite different from each other, as Xenohunters pics tell.


I always read that was the nickname given to the first bio (Not the hunter) because it looked robotic, so it was named after the robot from The Day The Earth Stood Still
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