Predator Mask (Complete)


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Hello everyone,
this is one of my latest works.

My name's Vico and i want to start my first thread with one of my best projects.

I already have got experience about the techniques of making a creative work in full scale, and i want to show you what i'm able to do.

This is how I made my Predator mask.

1. Looking for the target

the first thing that i always do. First of all, i have to focus on what i'm going to create. These were the images that i took from the internet.
The shapes are quite different, so i made my own

IMG_0273.JPG IMG_0274.JPG IMG_0275.JPG

2. Papercrafting

useful, but sometimes boring. Not always strictly necessary.
This time i decided to make it.


3. Starting creating

is what i like most. This is when i can apply new techniques and start using my hands for real.


Starting from the papercraft, here's my "sculpture". Only good (and, this time, cheap) material and a knife is needed.
Oh, of course you have to clean everything, after...

IMG_0284.jpg IMG_0283.jpg

The good shape has been found: good results with only a few newspapers to keep it.


Molding is maybe the most important phase, and sanding as well.


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4. Color

I used the techniques that I learned during the great practice with Games Workshop miniatures. Predator mask is really bigger, but the things to do were quite the same.

IMG_0418.jpg IMG_0419.jpg

5. Details

After colouring the mask, i decided to try making some details on it.
The first idea was to use the hot glue gun to make some runes directly on the mask's surface.
I started doing it without testing it on another surface, risking a lot.
Luckily, everything went good.

I looked in internet for some pictures about the runes, that i very often saw during the Predators movies.

After that, i used some tools to make some holes and "combat damages".
Near to the eye, there are some "scars".

IMG_0420.jpg IMG_0421.JPG IMG_0422.jpg


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6. Led lights

Predator hunters have big plasma weapons, do they?
I only wanted to have the mask, and not the entire costume (for now) so i decided to put some led lights and make the laser viewfinder.
It wasn't difficult because i already built some led circuits on my spartan armor (i'll post very soon an entire thread dedicated to it).

IMG_0473.jpg IMG_0468.jpg
IMG_0469.jpg IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0471.jpg
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