alien vs predator

  1. G

    AVP-R Plasma Cannon #14 / 500

    Accepting PayPal Displayed in a smoke free environment. Includes Art Box and Cardboard shipper. ** Price includes Shipping inside the Continental US ** *** International shipping would be additional Cost Based on delivery location *** *** Message me for international Shipping Prior to Purchase...
  2. crawjaw

    ALIEN VS PREDATOR Bas Relief Urethane Casts For Sale (Price reduced)

    I have a selection of casts made from my own oil clay sculpture and mould of Alien vs Predator and as far as I'm aware nobody else has done this so they are essentially unique. The sculpture is based on the iconic poster artwork from the first AVP movie. Each measures 480mm (18.9in) x 390mm...
  3. Jake Kassnoff

    Alien Xenomorph Costume

    I made an alien:
  4. mrcarkeys42

    Prometheus Ampule

    I'm taking a ceramics class this semester and one of our projects is making a tall coil pot so I decided to re-create an ampule from Prometheus and alien covenant! I only have a few classes to make it so it wont be perfectly accurate and I had to tone down the size for time, the smallest ones in...
  5. Jediknightandy

    Old Age Predator Sculpt- 1/4 scale

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share my WIP of this Predator I started in order to better practice my Anatomy and character sculpting skills. I built the throne quickly as a placeholder from MDF and other bits of scrap wood. There is a heavy gauge aluminium wire armature under the clay. almost 6kgs of...
  6. mrcarkeys42

    Alien Acid Blood

    I’m recreating the alien acid blood effect as seen in the alien movies for a project, I know the effect was done by pouring acetone onto a styrofoam board but what I don’t know is how they gave it that caustic yellow color. I’ve tried using food coloring but the acetone stays translucent, does...
  7. C

    Alien Queen 1:1 lifesize / Distortions Unlimited

    YOUR MAJESTY - or - A DREAM BECOMES TRUE Today was a very special day for me. For years I had the desire, one day to own a life-size Queen. Due to the rarity and the absurd prices, I assumed that this would actually remain forever a dream and wish. In so many threads here I have written...
  8. Yarko

    Unlimited Run ALIEN Lifesize Chestburster

    Hello, This is my Alien lifesize Chestburster model kit. It is a custom take on the creature, not from any particular movie, but trying to blend details from all over the saga and a few of my own. The figure is 12 inches tall aproximately and is roto-cast in polyurethane resin and filled with...
  9. mrcarkeys42

    Alien Egg

    A few months ago I built my own alien egg for a short parody sketch, I finally finished the video and I figured you guys would like to see it! I had an astonishing budget of about -$3.00 so it wasn't exactly a a great replica in terms of accuracy haha but i am really happy with how it turned...
  10. S

    Fluffy the Xenomorph COMPLETE: Photoshoot

    Well, it's been a few months in the making guys, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who followed and commented on my WIP threads! So here he is: Fluffy!! It's probably the least comfortable thing I've ever worn!! I won't be able to stay in it for more than an hour and a half at a con...
  11. StatuesFigsMore

    My Narin Hellbreed painted by Joe Dunaway

    This is my video review of my Narin Hellbreed painted by JoeDunaway. Got this back in 2011 but only started doing videos recently so thought I would share this one with everyone. Enjoy!
  12. zanefielding

    TV,Movie and Video Game Patches

    Hi Everyone. Just wanted to drop in and let the community know about something my daughter has started doing. She pulled together her savings and started a business making bad ass patches based on tv, movies and video games. Her shop is now open at and you can...
  13. mrcarkeys42

    Alien Covenant Space Suit/Patches

    (Sorry if this was posted already, I didn't see a thread about it but if it was feel free to remove this) The first official image of Ridley Scott's 'Alien Covenant' was released a few days ago. The image is of a patch on the shoulder of a mostly unseen spacesuit, but i figured it would be...
  14. S

    Xenomorph Costume Scratchbuild - Pic Heavy

    Well, I've decided to make myself a Xenomorph Warrior costume for October's Con in Cardiff... Who wants to see progress? Hands up and I'll Post piccies so far! It's going to be pic heavy and I haven't even completed the head yet! RAAARGH!!!
  15. V

    Predator Mask (Complete)

    Hello everyone, this is one of my latest works. My name's Vico and i want to start my first thread with one of my best projects. I already have got experience about the techniques of making a creative work in full scale, and i want to show you what i'm able to do. This is how I made my...
  16. nemo13400

    Predator Wolf Bio Helmet (for display, newbie build...not so bad :)

    Hi, here my second Prd helmet thanks for your comments :)
  17. sithfire30

    THE NOSTROMO - 1:18 Scaled Interiors - 12/23 - UPDATED BUILDS AND MORE! p.6

    It's been quite awhile since I posted last so decided best to begin a new thread. I've been involved with creating a 1:18 scale world of the original "truckers in space" along with interiors of their towing vehicle Nostromo. The figures are hand sculpted pieces, articulated, 1:18 scale - roughly...
  18. JL CR8

    My first lifesize Sculpt...

    my big test of manual dexterity: o) some people have a plaster dwarf in the garden, but I want alien in life-size...
  19. simul8r

    Xenomorph/Alien- My version out of foam

    Greetings RPF, I’ve been mostly a lurker for a short while. I've seen a lot of cool and creative things developed amongst you all and honestly I'm really impressed with all your work. I’m most inspired with the methods you all use to create such interesting works of art which motivated me to...
  20. VinMan

    Predator Elder in Progress... Pic Heavy

    Any love for the Predator on the RPF? I have been very slowly working on an AVP Predator Elder and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Skin still needs a coat or transparent brown to blend soften and darken around spots and muscles and perma wet a little later...
  21. D

    AvP Queen alien art department study maquette

    Hi got this from ADI sale and cant wait to have it finally on display !!! its about 120cm, long and over 55cm tall !!! comes with COA from ADI !!!! regards D.
  22. Predian

    Alien Vs Predator Drop Pod maquette

    I own two Predator drop pods from AVP, one came from Rareprops and the other was originally sold by Propstore. I have seen four examples, each with slightly different paint finish and detailing. As far as I know they were only used in the development process to show variations, with the pods...