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I have spent hours upon hours looking at various bought and made props and admiring the skill of the members here. I thought I'd start a thread giving all members here a chance to showcase their very first prop. It can be very nostalgic looking at the progress we've all made over time. Feel free to put a back story explaining why this particular prop inspired you. Let's show and tell! -Ryan
Either or. This thread is basically here so can remember what made you get the prop bug! And ultimately what lead you here!

My first prop was an accidental find. I picked up a doctor's bag and later found an MGM property slip tucked down into the bottom of an inside pocket with a 'Doctor Kildare' name and number.
I picked up a doctor's bag and later found an MGM property slip tucked down into the bottom of an inside pocket with a 'Doctor Kildare' name and number.

Okay, now that is pretty freakin' cool! Unfortunately, my first ''prop'' experience wasn't anything quite that dramatic. :lol I've always been into movie collectibles, (aka: cheap-ass action figures/toys), but for some reason I felt compelled to get an Anakin Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber when they first came out, and that was the beginning of my obsession. Even though it wasn't really a high-end prop or anything, it totally killed any future action figure buying for me. Now nothing but 1:1 scale full size prop replicas would do! After randomly searching the internet, I came across the RPF and then my journey towards the dark side was complete. :thumbsup

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My first I made while making a Jack Sparrow costume:

It's made of matte board, gold colored paper, regular paper, and an easter egg!
I'll have to admit that my first props were made with a slightly evil intention in mind - practical jokes. During the school breaks we would make "things". There was a large paper mash alligator, various "unexplained creatures" and a few flying saucers strung from a fishing line and photographed over the local landmarks, the negatives sent into the local paper. The unexplained , now explained.
I've always had a love for the whole prop thing & actually asked my career's service to try n find me something in that field when I left school but they let me down :rolleyes Anyhoo My first proper replica prop would be this:


I built this a few years ago from parts mostly bought from ebay. I decided I liked the look of the MR EE version so I had it chromed & although its not film accurate I very much like the look of it.

Next up was this:


This was greif! I bought it second hand from a nice fella in Alaska, But it was taking ages to get here, so I ended up calling a number I found for the guy through searching the net & had a chat with he's Mum which got the ball rolling :lol. Unfortunatly when he packed it for shipping he packed it in the display case with it still on its stands & completely unsupported :rolleyes. When it eventually did turn up the clear cover of the display case was smashed to peices, the stands had broken off & the mirror'd part was broken as you can see in the pic but the saber survived the trip with only minor marks :)

So I'm still on the hunt for a suitable replacement display case :)

Other than that, there's only Bob WIP.
My first build only joined here a couple month ago and finished htis about a month ago. Its the salem form army of two mask, if I done it again there would be a few things Ide do over. Its not brilliant (few creases to iron out with the painting) but it makes a nice wee piece up above my fireplace.

My next project is to cast my head and start sculpting other helmets etc.
I think my first prop was more of a found item.
A pair of Frank Thomas Titans as worn by Darth Maul.
They fit perfectly, I just need to make the rest of the costume to go with it.

An existing item would be the goggles River Tam wears aboard the mule in Serenity, I had the exact model goggles for a long time without paying attention to it at all!

What I have made myself would be the machete/bolo from The Book of Eli.¨

Love it guys! Keep it up! Pics are a bonus! My first prop (if you call it that) was a customized Rocketeer action figure. I was at my buddy's for a sleep over and rented the movie. Seeing that movie for the first time and at such a young age had me hooked. Well, my friend's mom bought him so many GI Joe action figures (3 3/4 in?) that we had doubles and triples of the same guy. I convinced my buddy to stay up late and work on making the figures. As an adult now, I can say they were crap. But then, I thought they were awesome. It was then and there that I realized that the cool things I see in movies and T.V. could be mine...and I could make them!
Should probably specify if you would like to see first prop ever, or first prop in terms of true adult collecting / art.

Usually when we've had threads like this before, you end up getting all the cardboard tube lightsabers, and roughly painted toy guns that many of us did as kids.

If that's what your after - cool...

But if you really hoping to see the earliest stuff of what we might still consider part of our active collection, may want to clarify.

My first real prop replica that I built was a Luke ROTJ hero saber, built from various plastic pieces and built to the dimensions laid out in the From SW To IJ Lucas Archives book.

It was actually pretty good, and would still be displayable. But I have since upgraded to an aluminum saber.
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Hmm,i think my first prop that i brought was Agent Smith's sunglasses from the matrix.Think they were from revolution i think. They were not one's that he wore,it was a replica from ebay. I believe that's where my interest in collectables and props started was with the matrix.

I'm just starting to build my own props and costume now.
Are you wearing garbage bags as pants? That is awesome!!!!:thumbsup

Yes and so is my awesome cape.

Oh and my first serious grown up adult type prop was this -

Made by board member GF in about 2000 or 2001. It was the Rolls Royce of troopers back in the day and I still have him :)


Cheers Chris
Hey all, the purpose of this thread isn't for displaying your props...that's a bonus, not a requirement. My intent here is for you all as fellow members to remember what that 1 item was that brought you down the prop making road and ultimately here. Now since all of us developed the the love for it at different ages; I'm sure we will see a range of props that could be out of cardboard (or trash bags:love) or something very expensive or complex.

That's the great part of this thread. Its a chance to share the memories...that's all! Hope that clears up any confusion. And btw, I'm loving every story posted.

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