Post pics of your own 3D creations (not purchased)

Got any more pictures of those Coke cans?
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Yet another variant from the Aliens universe - this one is the M42A sniper rifle from the Aliens technical manual. Loosly based on a Walther WA2000. Its big at 1000mm long. Nearly finished the interior and a just few other areas to tighten up... It will be a beast when printed ....
Will dry fire, mag load, unload, bipod movable.
M42A sniper v89.png

M42A sniper v88.png
I'm designing a Space 1999 3D printable diorama base for a 1/48 Eagle. Each waste dome was different, so I just designed some similar greeblies that someone could mix and match to get their particular look. The Studio Scale 1/24 dome was 90cm in diameter, so mine will be half that at 45cm. Still quite large, but with the dome quartered, it will fit on my print bed at about 227x277x206mm.

Screenshot 2023-06-03 232709.jpg
Nuclear Waste Dome 1.png
Nuclear Waste Dome 2.png
Nuclear Waste Dome 3.png
Nuclear Waste Dome 4.png

A TOS Star Trek bridge cluster…the big dome up top, the small attached structures a deck lower.

Take a look at the goodies here:

Now those are just how he has to print rockets…but together…it says Borg, factory/ship…Weyland Yutani refinery…just add sprue.

The way things come out of a 3D printer inspire me more than what they are intended for.

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