1. Evilhat3e

    Live fire aliens m41a pulse rifle

    Well I've got all the parts I need and the fitting has begun. One of the things I'm stumped on is how the hcg aluminum shroud should be secured. I know it clam shells around the thompson but I want it to be more secure. Did they add anything to the movie thompsons to make the shrouds fit...
  2. Apex Legends R-99 SMG (zero point skin) comparison

    Apex Legends R-99 SMG (zero point skin) comparison

    comparison video of my Own R-99 prop and video game version R-99 SMG.... awesome day.soon i'll drop a video on my YouTube channel.
  3. nathanalaneller

    3D Video Game Prop References & Replicas

    There are alot of 3d games with some cool props U have to build in the game. One game I'm thinking of is Last Year: The Nightmare Is there anyone how knows were I can find 3d renders of the prop from this game, or someone can show an actual made prop U made for like cosplay or just to show off...