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    ROTJ E-11 3d model for SLA printing

    I have been slowly working on my real life MGC E-11 prop, but I also wanted to have the ability to make an accurate 3d printed copy of the gun as well. Here is my attempt at crafting a 3d model of the ROTJ E-11 for the purpose of 3D printing in SLA. I carefully measured every facet of the...
  2. Tanolucas

    1/12 3d printed Cloud Riders Skyblade 221 from Han Solo Movie

    While I finished painting the Enfys vehicle, I started to design the second Cloud Riders bike, to be honest, this is the one I like the most of the whole band, it is the Skyblade 221, for those who saw the movie, it is the one with the sidecar. It is just a little shorter than the Enfys bike...
  3. Tanolucas

    1/12 3d printed Enfys Nest Skyblade 330 from Han Solo Movie ( FINISHED)

    I consider myself a fan of all the speeders in the Star Wars universe, so I must say that as soon as I saw the concepts of what the vehicles of the Han Solo movie would be, I was delighted with several of them. I was able to build the M-68 and now I want to start with Enfys Nest's Skyblade 330...
  4. LimeyBuilds

    John Eaves Klingon Concept Dagger

    Here is a 3D printable model I made based on the John Eaves concept art! Also, a Kelvin Klingon Dagger. Both have an option for thinner handles so that leather or foam can be wrapped around them.
  5. AdamFX

    CGI ANH Stormtrooper and 3D Print

    I've been working on this for sometime. It began as a very high quality 3d scan of a replica helmet with a bumpy cap (Not RSprops). Once scanned in, I began restoring it to closer match the sharpness and details seen on the original screen used helmets. There is still work to be done but I...
  6. Aer0

    3D Print sanding/priming

    Hi, I'm new here but Ive had my 3d printer for a while and figured id finally get around to trying to make some props with it. To start, I'm going to make an Iron man helmet, such is the right of passage. Ive made a small test piece to practice finishing the raw prints, and was looking for some...
  7. Sinlow1980

    Which 3d Ironman mk47 file should I buy?

    Struggling to decide on do3d or maxcrft 3d file for mk47. I have read hundreds of posts trying to decide, anyone has any input, thanks
  8. 9 yr. old Kylo Ren

    9 yr. old Kylo Ren

    Added some "blades" to his 3d printed lightsaber. We painted and aged the hilt ourselves.
  9. Judgement is coming

    Judgement is coming

    This is my Dredd 3D costume. I hope you like it!

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