Post pics of your own 3D creations (not purchased)

Haven't printed it yet, but I made this Spindrift/Icarus flight chair in Tinkercad on a lark. Not 100% accurate, but a fun experiment.
Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 8.49.49 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 8.49.39 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 8.49.30 AM.png
Spindrift chair.jpg
I designed a paddle for the silicone oil bath damper of my Micro Seiki MA-505X II tonearm. These ALWAYS break, and are heinously expensive if found in tact.

I reverse-engineered it, drew it in Solid Edge (my first 3-D draft ever) printed it, refined it three times, and finally have a working prototype.

It used an M2 thread internally... That's fiddly to do, but it seems to be a workable solution. I sourced 16mm long M2 nylon screws to go the full length of the "stem" that always breaks, to provide significant reinforcement to it, without adding any weight. Printed in ABS-like resin, at the highest resolution, but I still had to clear the tap hole and tap by hand each individual piece while they were still "green". I have a bunch now I will be fully curing in the UV later today.

Plan is to offer them for sale, so people can use their tonearm damper again.

It's quite rewarding to design something "real", print it, and have something in your hand that's not just to look cool on the shelf.

I'll probably reverse-engineer the aluminum mount as well, so I could offer the entire assembly as an add-on. There is the oil bath tank, but I think that is a bit to complex to make in resin and not have it break. It expands slightly to "clip" onto the arm base, and I think the expansion will crack it.
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A little more on the Snipex Alligator. I still have to design some details in front of the magazine, the magazine feed tray and I'm in the process of subdividing it to be able to be printed in kit form. The scope and mount need to be created as well. The check rest is also designed to be raised and lowered by turning the thumbwheel. The bipod is also too widely spaced and will have to be redone.


This model is from a few months ago, but I forgot to post! I did miniatures on a Sci-Fi student film which required a blade runner-esque spaceship. The profile was modeled after a Lamborghini Countache, and the final renders were made on Fusion 360!

Spaceship v1101.png
Spaceship v1104.png

Spaceship v110.png
Another project I'm working on is an FN America M240B. I'm also going to make all the variants as well as the FN Mag. The design will have movable parts, like the bipod, charging, handle, trigger (of course) as well as internal components like the feed cover and a moving bolt.




3D is becoming more prevalent and there is a lot of talent here on this site. Lately, I've been designing models that really don't fit into any category, so I though I would start on a 3D creation category for anybody who wants to share their "own" 3D work on designing and creating real or imagined objects that would fall into the category of "General Modeling". Parts or pieces are OK too.

Anyone is welcome to share, but it has to be your own work and (eventually) be printable.

I'll start.
This is a Mark 82 General Purpose 500 lb. bomb on a stand. I loaded quite a few of these when I was in the air force many years ago. I will eventually be putting in arming wires and a Remove to Arm flag when I figure out how make one look realistic.

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Suggestion for the RTA flag, save the foil from the next champagne bottle you open.... More thick than standard Aluminium foil and holds a pose nicely.
Yeah. I need something that I can print on...both sides.

No worries, the majority of the imprinting on them comes off with some solvent so you'd have blank sides, but I'm talking about hand painting them, and then maybe using some stenciling or decals/transfers for the text.... But we won't divert the topic of this thread any longer, hehe!

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