Portal 2 Gun & Long Fall Boots Replica WIP


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made some progress, and i won a e-bay auction "Portal Gun Valve" 190€ Wuhuu! i'm really happy about that. :p
so, now to my self made one. the parts are just laying together. and i have to work on the body... again... but i won't fix this parts together cause i'm waiting for my light and sound kit. (biiig biiig thanks to crix... ^^ again)
boots are going well. attached a wooden block on the back to hold the spring. hopefully i get the springs on Monday or Tuesday.


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Currently having a cold. I'm forced to work inside. So no stinky putty or resin... Ok I can do other things. Like a Lab Rat Painting. It's 370x590 inch. ^^ Can't wait to put it on the wall.

SYKO builds

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where did you find your pep file I've searched the internet and cant't find anything that works, like bevbors' takes 700,000 seconds to start the download...
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