Portal 2 Gun & Long Fall Boots Replica WIP


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hi guys! (sorry for my bad english... i'm Austrian.. NO here are no kangaroos)
i'm currently working on my ASHPD and the matching boots for a costume. at the moment i'm unemployed so i have way too much freetime. ;) after playing portal 1 & 2 several times i wanted to have a Chell- Costume.

Boots: bought a really cheap pair of white boots (10€). so far the boots are at the shoemaker to fill the missing heel and to sew some edges.
Gun: i made the shells with a free Pepacura model. i put resin on the outside and fibreglass on the inside to make it stable. currently i'm taking a break because it's freaking hot in my attic. i had to move up there because other family members complained about the smell. :rolleyes
next step is to apply some putty on the shells, they stayed quite good in shape but it's still not perfect.


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KittyMausi...now that's a nice name.
Welcome to the RPF, and good to know that there still aren't any kangaroos hopping around in Austria :lol

Good luck with your build!


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okay, to-do-list for tomorrow: buy more putty. :facepalm
i could only apply the first layer on the front shell.
and i made the claws. cut out some peaces from a plastic container and sticked together with crazy glue. the ends i made using modelling clay. :thumbsup


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The day started with a shock. I didn’t mix the putty correctly it is still not dry at most spots. I have to scratch it off. Damn.
I had more luck with the rear shell. Putty dried well, i could sand the basic shape.
At the mall i found a perfect piece for the light inside. I often saw people using a see-through plunger handle which they sanded to make it bounce light better... well such things are not available in Austria. But i can use the cover of a thermometer instead. Looks quite good. :D
the body is a plastic pipe, i formed it to the correct oval shape using hot air and squeezing it.
The front of the gun will be formed using a thick polyamide pipe. My dad owns an engine lathe. So that’s quite easy. thats it for the moment, now i’m trying to figute out how these parts will ever connect. Greetings from beyond the Alps


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I'm not happy with my gun. It's way too incorrect. Trying to make more parts using the peparkura model i used for the shells. -.- Dammit.
Shoes are actually fine at this point. they are not exactly looking quite the same as the original, but better than nothing i guess. :confused


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Which pep model are you using? I used Dung0beetle's pep model to help make my shells (though in the end I turned out to be terrible at pep and reworked them so much I should have just sculpted them from foam). From my conversation with DB the shells should be pretty accurate to the game (can't remember if he said he ported them directly or not), but he was not happy with his work on the rest of the gun, so perhaps consider a different source for that.


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I'm guessing it's Bevbor's pep model, am I right ?

Don't get discouraged, hang in there and be proud of your work. ThrowingChicken's replica is as close to "accurate" as I've seen. Most builds, including mine are full of innacuracies, but are really good builds nonetheless. Heck, you already have a lot more attention here than I ever got for mine, lol. Keep up the good work !


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jep, it's Bevbor's pep model. i wanted to do as little as possible using pep because i have no experience at all using paper models. it's my very first try.
using youtube tutorials "portal gun DIY" worked pretty fine. then i saw throwing chickens ASHPD. and the "real" blueprints. well... is's amazing. and i looked at mine... i was thinking about throwing the whole thing in the trash bin. but it turned out that i didn't make any bigger mistakes. the proportion is nearly correct. :D but now i'm just waiting for the light and sound kit, so i can continue putting the parts together. in the meantime i can work on my boots.
thank you very much for all the nice words.


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yes, he sold me one. i saw it in your thread, it looks so great. :)
the rpf is a great forum. everybody is really nice and helpful. my BF found it, actual qote: "look there are more freaks like you, and they have their own forum." :lol
so yes, i may be a freak. but at least i'm happy and can spend my time with something that will look so awesome in the end.


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your build looks great so far kitty. there is only one thing I would change:

Maybe I'm wrong, but on some pictures it looks like you sanded the putty over a carpet...don't do this if you can avoid it. I did it once, and the result was that I threw the carpet away because I couldn't get rid of that nasty dust. A sheet of paper, a piece of cardboard or a plastic bag works pretty fine as a working surface (at least for the rough sanding).
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