Polyester Resin on EVA Foam Question


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Hello everyone! :)

I have a couple questions. The thing is, I want my EVA foam helmets and props to be rigid, and durable. I generally coat them in a couple layers of Polyester fiberglass resin. This has worked out fine so far, after about ten helmets, the only real issue is the dripping and fluid artifacts that happen on the surface of the foam, and are quite ugly.

What can I do to avoid these artifacts, while maintaining the rigidity and structural strength of the foam base?

1. Should I thin the polyester resin with 10% acetone?
2. Should I use a different method?
3. Should I stop using resin and switch to PVA glue or mod podge or plastidip?
4. Should I try to sand to smooth it and do multiple layers of it?

Thank you for reading, and have a good day, fellow makers!

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