Polar Lights Enterprise

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Would anyone here know if Polar Lights has any intention of making all the Enterprise variations in the 1/1000 scale? If I'm scaling right the Enterprise E would be 26.23 inches in this scale. I would love to see this happen


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Apart from a 1/350 scale NX-01, nothing has been announced so far. They have expressed a desire to do a range of Trek ships in both 1/1000 and 1/350 scale as long as these first ones sell well.

So far they seem to be selling really well, the Trek crowd is buying the TOS enterprise by the case! So keep your fingers crossed. The E-D would be almost two feet long apparently...



Darth Furtive

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If anyone is interested I found that Polar Lights is a subsiduary of Playing Mantis.They would be the site to check for additions to the line of Enterprises.


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I just happened to talk with Dave Metzner from Polar Lights while I was at Wonderfest back in June. Though there are no definite plans as to what'll be next, he said they DO plan to continue the line and try to keep things in 1/1000 scale, even though some ships won't make much of a kit (1/1000 scale Bird of Prey anyone?). In those cases the rule may have to be broken. We should start hearing about 2004 releases around October.

BTW, the NX-01 is going to be huge! Looks to be about 2 feet long if the prototype is the same size as the kit. DM said it's going to have about 200 parts! They really went to town on this one, so I can easily see them doing an Ent. E in 1/1000. It IS Trek afterall.