Please post your "I, Robot" props!

J'ai quelques nouveaux accessoires pour ma collection iRobot :

USR Stun Gun (fabriqué à partir du même modèle utilisé dans le film)


Les 3 badges Actualités

Bouteille de bière Tecate (la bière que buvait Spooner). Pas tout à fait précis, mais assez proche jusqu'à ce que je trouve une bouteille étiquetée plus ancienne.
Hello, I just arrived on the forum, I am French can you re-publish these images i'm also a big fan of I,Robot !!
I have several of these props too... but unfortunately I have to let them go to a new owner. If anyone wants to increase their collection of I Robot props feel free to reach me. Please PM me so we don't derail the thread.
Have searched for one of those lighted badges in the wallet, only fake websites coming up...Are there still some out there, someone was producing them ?
Here you go. Batteries could use a change, though. It lights up brighter with fresh batteries...

That is nice!!!
IS that fan made? I have the card and the Badge.....had intended to light it up. I used to own one of the hero guns, in fact the new owner posted a picture of it above!! ha!

I need to make the Wallet..which looks like real lether and ABS plastic...likke used on the TREK communicators
I built the I, Robot USR Bus out of cardboard. Here are some photos:


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Websites claiming to sell items they dont have...fake checkouts ...a kind of phishing
I see what you mean. I've seen several scam websites selling products like this I, Robot format (screenshoot), but yes, it's definitely a scam.


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