Please post your "I, Robot" props!


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I'm looking at getting some more I, Robot props in my collection. I was wondering what all is out there. Here is what I have so far.



I know there is an ankle gun. There's also a cool machine gun he uses towards the end that I haven't seen any good pics of.
Nothing special really :)

The magazine can be seen in a shop window when Spooner walks through the city. The lottery ticket is production made and not visible on screen.
The NS4 is made by Zorg and painted by me and the pistol is from Spat.



I don't have any "I, Robot" props myself, but I did snap a picture of the FedEx Deliverer 42 at MegaCon earlier this year, which was a part of the Robot Builder's Club that was there.
I,Robot has always been one of my favorite movies, and I'd love to have a few items from it eventualy.

Your collections look realy nice guys! :D
I don't have any props but I sold these:
Giant Revive

and the Giant Prodigy

They are in the background in several scenes. Unmodded so far as I can tell. Made by Giant bicycle. They are out of production but you can probably find them used at a good price. They are also good bikes, especially the Revive.
Nice props guys! I'd love to get some busts like that in my collection. Anyone selling these anymore?

Not the greatest picture..but here is a "firing" original.
One of these days Ill get the insides that go in it, a friend currently owns the actual Taurus that went inside it.

Ok, never miss a chance to show off the i,Robot stuff.

In the collection right now.

Del Spooners Hero Holster
Del Spooners Stunt Gun (one of many i'm sure)
Del Spooner Light up police badge
Sharon Wilkins - Screen Used Inhaler
Sonny 1:1 Bust
Sonny 1:2 Bust
Zorg NS4 Head (Not shown, still painting)

To me, those have always been "realistic" future weapons. Nothing realy to outlandish, and very believable.

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