PKD-II 2018 MODEL 2015 Recreation Project


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Some of you may be aware that in 2002 I gave away my original patterns and molds for this version of my PKD blasters. I very much regretted doing that and I have always wished I could get it back, since I never kept one for myself. In 2013, I recreated a printable model of it in Rhino using some of my original notes and photographs, as well as a remnant piece of the old receiver, as reference. Recently I finally finished printing all of the parts, except for the grips, side rod, and both switches. I recycled those parts from the PKD-I and PKD-MAGNUM, which I still have in storage. I am happy to have returned the PKD-II 2018 to my collection, albeit a changeling version. I hope you like it.

3rd Party Hosting restored. PKD MARK II PKD MARK IIa

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Beautiful prop and the paint job is A+ Rick:cool I was dreaming/wondering if a "Twin Muffler" could be possible on that gun?...I don't know, me just imagining;)


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congratulations Rick, you may be the first person to ever make a replica, of a replica of a prop! A classic job!


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Wait, is that metal or not? If it isn't, that's the most brilliant, realistic steel finished pistol I've seen. Bravo!


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Here are two spin-offs I am working on for the PKD-II, one suppressed version and one extended barrel version. I will have the accessory parts printed this week and hope to have the finished actual models completed soon thereafter.

My mind is blown.
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