PIP Droid from Acolyte TV series.


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Hello everyone, I'm working on my personal interpretation of the "PIP Droid", since right now there is very little information and pic's about this Droid that looks hand-held (look like tricorder from Star Trek they are totally my speculation about it, its function is unknown at today) .

I built this PIP Droid from scratch, using PVC, with screenshots from the Acolyte television series and a little imagination I decide to take out some ruler templates. Since for now there are only a few photos on the internet at this moment and well I decided to take the plunge and go directly to my workbench...

I hope you like it and enjoy it like I do...

Reference images:


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Finishing this project, we are ready for Acolyte double pass the next May 30th on cinema with Disney.

Hope you like it and enjoy it like me...

Painting day and waiting to assemble..

And finishing my droid..

I hope to know more details about this droid and be able to finish the parts that I am missing, the correct thing would be to make a new one with its lower opening function. We will have to wait to see the series on Disney+ and learn more about this droid.
Hello everyone.

I continued working on it these past few days and designed a template to make the Pip Droid pouch, before discovering the Found Part that I saw in another forum thread published two days ago, I think.

Pattern made by me:

This is how the finished pouch looked:

And finally after finishing it I got a pass to see the double episode of Acolyte at its premiere on the 30th thanks to Disney+

After watching the series, now I know I have to make modifications or a new one :D more screen accurate..

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