Pip-Boy 3000 Build


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Hey everyone I've decided to post some pictures of my first decent prop build. After lurking on the forums on here for a few years and recently acquiring a 3D printer I decided to give a shot at the prop I have wanted the longest, the Pip-Boy 3000. here are some pictures of it. I 3D printed this off of dragonators files he posted on the thingiverse that I think have since been either moved or removed. I did some weathering by putting some silver spray paint on a nail file then scratching it up to give it a worn metal look. The screen is paper with some plastic report cover things to add the terminal green look. The electronics are just green LED light strips I bought at the auto store. I still need to put in the Geiger counter dial, the orange LEDs, and I also need to start the glove. Some thoughts or tips would be apreciated. Also a thanks to Droderic for helping me with the screen.
20150330_102210.jpg.20150331_185636 (1).jpgphoto_1427557938051.jpg20150330_102200.jpg20150330_102136.jpg20150330_102144.jpg
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