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Jedi Conductor

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum obviously. Could someone tell me how to post pics on a thread? Also how do ya get those cool signatures and little pics under your user name on a thread? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help,

JC :unsure


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That part I get, but why no posting of pictures? Why not let a new member show off what he/she's got in their collection or have just made? I can't see the harm in that.


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I agree. Even though we are new users, we should be able to show off our stuff just like everyone else :D

dualedge, I hope you can get this worked out. :$

Jedi Conductor

New Member
You guys helped out great. Still not sure on the sig, but got a starter avatar up. Will have to work on the sig. Also , if you guys can get it to where we newbies can post pics, that would be great.

I've got a room full of stuff just waiting to be shown off.......

Once again thanks for the help guys, the link helped Rob


Lord Maul

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When I was a "New User" I asked one of the Admins about it and they said that I couldn't UPLOAD images. However I could link to them in one of my own galleries or through Wackychimp. Hope that helps.

Jedi Conductor

New Member
Thanks for the help everyone. I just can't seem to get an image loaded for my signature. Not doing something right. Can I upload a pic from my computer? And if so, HOW????????????? This is really frustrating, but also really simple once I learn how?


Rob, I shot you a pm also.

Jedi Conductor

New Member
Thanks Rob,

The last little bit of info did it. Like I said pretty simple once you figure it out. My sig is up. I figured a train would be a good one for now.

thanks everybody, now to upload some pics of my collection since the staff has allowed us newbies to post pics.

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