Pepakura Mercury Helmet


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Here is a Mercury Helmet Pepakura papercraft that I unfolded. The visor frame is not unfolded because for some reason the model for it breaks down to be too complex. I’ve altered and mastered the dang thing and I still cant get it to unfold correctly. I left the original visor obj and the reduced obj in the zip file. The rest of the unfold is done in sections with appropriate scale to each other at 140% scale growth.


The file can be downloaded here
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I'm surprised you were even able to unfold that I can't download the file right now but I wonder how many parts and pages does it come out to?


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I just scaled it up 20%. The unfold was fairly easy with very few parts even though this is a detailed model. Total pages comes to 39 but I don't like to cram a bunch of parts on one page because then it looks intimidating.


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Nice offering! Thanks for making this available. Have you built this yet and if so any pictures to post?


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To bad, the link is dead since two years... I'd love to hit that project. Is anyone out there who still have the file on his computer?
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