Pepakura Help: Anyone intrested in helping unfold a couple of hefty files


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Im looking for someone that is willing to help me and the community unfold some big pep files.
Just to let some people who are intrested I start with a 3d model and just position it in a position that seems cool, but since I'm still new to Blender I am very restricted at the moment.
Just a look at the process. mega-blastoise_Blender.png
Then Exported to obj format.
Which is then opened in Pepakura Designer.Mega-Charizard_Pepakura.png
As you can tell the 2d peices look like a bunch of messy peices.
So if there is a brave soul who has the patience to the unfold and assure the more simplicity of this build.
Yep, that looks about right for an unfold, they don't make much sense flattened out.

I'm still newish to using pep designer, but once the scale is right and the file is made, load it into pep viewer as it shows which part gets glued to what as you pass the curse over each section.
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