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Hi, new RPF member here and though I have contacted many of you on this board about several questions I have had (thanks PeeWeeFan and Billy Baloney!), I still have tons of questions about putting together an X1 bike!!!

I was wondering if any of you could help me locate 12mm green and red switch push buttons for my handlebar project box?

Man, I have searched hi and low on the internet, but have not been able to find them. Perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong place???

Can anyone clue me in?
Hey Vader, since I have just gone through this process myself, I found all the switches and buttons on eBay. The hard part is that you have to search, and search, and scroll until you find a match, or a close match. I even had to have some shipped from China. I searched "12mm momentary switch" and found the red, green and the red and black for the tank. The larger chrome-ish tank button is effectively a starter switch for 30's American automobiles and I searched for "momentary starter switch vintage" or something similar.


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I recently purchased vintage schwinn cruiser, although I know it's not the same type of style as Pee Wee's (handlebars) it did fit into my budget and it's red for the most part.

Next it's finding all the accessories lol, but I'm really inspired by this thread and looking forward to network with all of you. Lots of great tips in this thread.


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billy baloney

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Good weather's almost here, anyone still working on their projects ?, I can't believe this thread fizzled out , oh well, it was a blast while it lasted, met a bunch of great people here and shared a gold mine of information that helped me complete my project, many Thanks to all involved, all good things must come to an end I guess, Happy Trails !

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Hi Gang! I just started the research and parts collection for my own X1. I have a 1940s Schwinn, Mickey bell, tire siren, compass and some starter saddle bags already.

I am also looking for the Tiger Super siren if anyone has any leads on a replica or real one. Looking forward to reading all 236 pages of information and photo reference!!

so excited to build my own bike!!!

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