Paul Newman 3D sculpt as Fast Eddie in The Color of Money

Printing update:

I fid more work on cleaning up the files for printing. I printed the glasses and head, though I had a couple failed prints on the head because I didn't make the supports strong enough.

I modeled the two styles of glasses with and without leneses. I printed all four to start, but because the frames are so small, I snapped the other two while removing the supports (very easy to do at this scale). Still, I had less problems printing these than I did with the glasses I did for my Chief Brody, so I maybe I actually learned something.
I'm still using the FDM test printed head to test put the glasses:


I don't have clear resin right now, so I tried painting the solid frames to give the impression of the ones in the movie. Kind of works if you don't look close.


The gold aviator style, without lenses. The gold paint was a little to yellow-gold right put of the bottle, so I mixed in some silver. I also wanted to try making lenses out of some tinted plastic I had saved from some packaging. I also thought it might give more convincing look than clear resin at this scale, since the plastic is thinner and clearer. It took a bit of work, but I think it turned out okay, better than no lenses.


One lense in...
...and both in!
Not the cleanest job, but it was pretty fiddly to try to shape them and get them in place.

Fun with filters again! Since the FDM printed test head has all the visible layers lines, I added a bunch of blur and grain to obscure the print lines, and added a color filter. It almost looks like it could be a blurry still taken from the original movie, so I thought it'd be fun to include it here.

After redoing the supports, the resin printed head came out pretty good, though my phone's camera can't pick up a lot of the detail, especially because of the small size and it being printed in white resin. I pumped up the pics' details a bit to help. Once I get some paint on it, the details should be more apparent.


More to come!
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Update: Resin printed, with a quick base coat to see the details

Resin vs PLA - yeah, just a bit more detailed, I'd say.

You can still see some layer lines in the resin print, of course, but obviously it's vastly superior to the FDM print. I didn't do much prep on either. I might try sanding and/or filling a bit, though the Vallejo acrylics fill a little bit.

I'll post more as I continue to work on it. I also made accessories - a 2-piece pool cue and the case for it as seen in the movie but I've been having some trouble getting them to print correctly.
Finally finshed painting this up. Progress pics below. I did some washes and dry brushing on all the hair. Compared to the quick paint I did on the PLA print before, there's more color in the gray to make ot a bit warmer - some brown and yellow ochre added to white and black (Vallejo paints, brushed on as before).

I spent a lot of time on the eyes, due to the small size. I used a needle tip for the detail work of the irises and pupils. I laid down the off-white color, then black (for the outline of the irises), then blue, then the pupils, followed by lots of tweaking.

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