Paul Newman 3D sculpt as Fast Eddie in The Color of Money


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New sculpt, still a WIP, but I've made enough progress that I wanted to share it. My plan was to do this as another NECA replacement head (with a tiny Balabushka cue as an accessory!). Not sure how long it'll take to finish, but here's where I'm at now:






I'm still re-working my Harrison Ford Deckard model, trying to fix some issues is taking longer than I thought, but it's coming along. I'd like to re-do it as Indiana Jones too. I'm hoping to make these available for sale at some point.
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Update: Included "full" renders rather than just viewport renders.



Still working at the same poly count, but I've been adding more detail. I changed out the eyes for new ones - it won't really matter for 3D printing, but they look better in full renders and help me work on getting the eye shape right. I've been recently working from reference pics that line up with the first renders above, so the last pic shows how I still need to work from pics featuring that side of the face (eyes seem a bit off from that angle, and his left ear is probably too squished in toward the head, lower lip & area below it still needs to be a bit fuller & blend together, for a few things).
I also edited a temporary pair of glasses from my Chief Brody sculpt - they're obviously not symmetrical or looking great, but I wanted something to have as a placeholder.
Edit: added color edited/filtered pic
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Thanks, joberg! I knew I still needed to make a lot more changes, though. Here's the newest version - please ignore the overly-reflective eyes, I tried to tone them down, but I'm not too adept at the "materials" options in Blender:



Even though I had gotten the sculpt looking pretty good from certain angles, looking at it from the sides showed otherwise. I hadn't really started working on the side angles in the previous version, and it shows. Here's side-by-side pics of the previous version versus the current one:


It's pretty (very) easy to see just how far off things were since I was mostly working from the front angle. That's the biggest problem I have with 3D sculpting - I can get things looking good from one angle, and sometimes will keep working on it in just that one angle until it looks right, but rotating the model shows the problems I can have with trying to visualize 3D shapes in a 2D setting. As a child, I learned I was good at drawing, especially from photos, but I also could work from "life," and was able to convert the 3D world into a 2D drawing. Going the other way, 2D to 3D, is obviously more challenging.
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Started work on some new glasses. Newman wears 2 different styles in the movie, these are seen earlier in the film, and he wears an aviator style later on. Both are likely Newman's own (no pun intended) as he's been photographed wearing these, or at least very similar models, in his personal life. The manufacturer is likely "Revue," though I can't confirm for sure.
I'll probably try to make both pairs so I can swap them out on the 3D printed version - I decided to model these first because they seemed a bit easier to make since they're a bit chunkier than the metallic aviators.

Revue Glasses Screencap.png

I made a few minor changes to the face as well, though it's especially hard to see with the glasses on. Might need to elongate the chin a little, maybe narrow the face a touch too.
Update: I think I might be done. I still need to get it ready for printing as a NECA head, which includes adding (or subtracting, really) the socket for the neck joint and simplifying the glasses so they print at the smaller scale - even though I made the frames more detailed and accurate to the real glasses scale, I kept the old version, so it shouldn't require too much work. Plus, I want to make another pair of glasses (the ones he wears more often in the movie). I also want to make this into a bust, but I'll finish the NECA print edits first.


Lots of edits, but some of the more noticeable changes from the previous version include lengthening the chin a bit and smoothing some of the wrinkles and creases. I increased the poly count in a lot of areas by using Dynamic Topology in Blender so I could increase the detail level. I liked the wrinkles, but they were a little too severe compared to Newman's face at that time. I also worked a lot on the shape and detailing of the hair as well as the overall head shape. I spent time on the nose as well, and the ears got some upgrades too.

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