Cool new piece! - Legends in 3D Vader 1/2 Scale Bust....


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My Review...

I loved the work they did on this Vader in Obi Wan Kenobi on Disney.

So when I saw this piece listed I hunted for the best deal - Got it for $165 on Great price if you can get it - Everywhere else has it at $215 & up.
First Impressions. Beautiful piece - Tons of detail, Head & helmet molded in multiple pieces - That was my biggest worry that it would be one big hunk of polyresin with all the battle damage filled in. Nope you can see pretty deep between the helmet & facemask!

Somehow I lucked out & got an Artist Proof too!

My only issues were the ordering process, Popmarket cancelled my order once & I immediately reordered & got it.

Only other issue is a small ding in the paint job on the silver part of the armor. I'll probably try to match the paint and do my own touch up as I don't want to give up the AP.

If you like this rendition of Vader this is a must have piece! I'm pretty sure these will increase in value significantly being limited to 1000 pieces.
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Oh one other thing. It's not really 1/2 scale - I measured the tusks & on the bust they were 1-1/2" apart. On my EXF Legend helmet the tusks are about 4-1/4" apart. so by my calculation this piece is closer to 1/3 scale than 1/2. I figured that already based on the dimensions it was listed at in the ads so It doesn't really bother me. It's still a very nice size for display. If it was really 1/2 Scale my wife would've been more annoyed! LOl

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