Pathetic Man-Child Destroys 2,387 Vintage Star Wars Figures

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My childhood and life isn't defined by Star Wars either. It was certainly influential but not defined by it.


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Death threats over the Internet. That's funny. It's just keyboard warriors trying to get a rise for giggles. Remember the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? If you showed up at their house with a Louiseville Slugger I guarantee they would lock the door and turn off the porch light.

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No one said boo over this from over 3 years ago.

I know they have a very blase attitude about collectibles in general and on multiple occasions referring to them as future landfill in the middle of crowded conventions centers no less. The irony is that they had their own booth there and have done several. A lot of their humor is self deprecating and ironic.

The more I've seen them make the cube out of those figures the funnier I think it gets because I can step outside myself and for a short time see it as an outsider. It's so ridiculous and it's just ridiculous that I would even care what they do with their own property. lol


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I am by no means a SW-fanatic.The first three films are enough for me. For me SW ended in 1983 with RotJ, and that was the end.
Nevertheless I am irritated by that skit as much as I am irritated by RLM's,
-selective sense of discrimination, calling black face and other (US) (over) sensitivities and their need to virtue signalling but being hideously age discriminatory; replace age with e.g. black, and you'll see what I mean.
-awareness of their popularity and their rather manufactured "down to earth" not caring act. They do tend to go on how much they do not go on about it.
-their infantile habit of vandalism. Destroying all kinds of stuff. Their throwing around of beer bottles, to name just one, is on the same sad level as 14 year olds thinking that belching is so original, controversial and against the system. Then their treatment of merchandise is simply pathetic. I don't care for a lot of that merchandise but then just give it away or don't buy it to begin with. You can dismiss it as square or not getting the joke, but I consider neither as valid. Not behaving like a drunk teen out alone at night for the first time isn't square it's just the most basic level of not being sad. As for not getting the joke: I get the joke they think it is, but it just isn't a joke. For people who claim to be more creative than Hollywood, I expect better quality jokes. This vandalising is just on par of prep-schoolers looking up pee pee part words in the dictionary.
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To each their own.

I have a lot of respect for the fact that they used Star Wars as a vehicle to create their own YouTube channel and online presence and while they may be recognized for it they aren't defined by it.

Sure they'd been around for a number of years before but it was their prequel reviews that put them on the map. Though they aren't only known for their Star Wars related videos and have their own original content. You can't say the same for other You Tube channels that are based solely on Star Wars.

Now whether you like, loathe, or love them or their work that is entirely subjective and I'd argue that at least they have enough creativity to not have to rely on Star Wars to generate content.

Star Wars Theory's channel comes to mind. With all of those resources why would you choose to play in someone else's sandbox rather than build your own and call all the shots? Star Wars fans are nothing short of brilliant when it comes to creativity but too often we get so stuck on the series that we lose sight that we were supposed to be inspired by Star Wars to tell our own stories.

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Gotta admit I was hesitant to watch the video, but I did anyway. I did feel sad seeing the figures melt. There was so many ways they could have been used to bring joy to children - they are playthings and should be played with. Never cared for collectors putting high values on the figures and locking them in plastic containers out of the hands of children.

When thinking about all the things these figures could have been used for - sold or donated to hospitals or orphanages or whatever to bring some joy to kids' lives as someone mentioned above - I also thought they made a point about the current climate surrounding the movies, even surrounding the prequels. I was sad to see them disappear into a gooey blob... but they can do whatever they want with their figures.


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Oh... that guy is RedLetterMedia! He has a whole website on how bad the “episode 1-3” trilogy is, a step by step analysis of each film. I mostly agreed with his assessment of that trilogy. To me, the first Star Wars was created out of adversity, George made things happen and he literally almost killed himself making the first movie. For next two, he relied on massive Hollywood talent to help and it paid off. But the 1-3 trilogy, when I first saw “The Phantom Menace”, I could not immediately put my finger on why I didn’t like it at all... or the other two almost farcical entries. Then somebody directed me to red letter media‘s assessment of those films, and the way he explained it, in great detail, was something that I have always agreed with. He identified things that I could not quite get into focus.

But I didn’t know that he was on a Pogrom against the Disney era movies now, because I think “the force awakens” and “the last Jedi” are classically brilliant Star Wars films, and I can’t wait for episode IX.

Maybe his issue isn’t really with the films, but Disney’s bombardment of new and ugly, unposable and uninteresting toys and other accessories, including lightsaber nightlights that will not turn on with the included remote, or hologram generators, which are so overpriced that they eventually end up in the $.99 only store chain for substantially less than what they were being sold for at Walmart or target? So he should have melted a variety of those, the original Kenner toys are valuable even without the packaging. Ironically in that video one of the last things you see going under the acetone is the “Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear”, - i’m looking on that on my Action Figure Wall right now... I was told that it was very valuable but I’m not quite sure when it was made. I would never melt that, but I also have a whole bunch of revenge of the Sith toys, I might melt those—

When I was an actual child it was normal for children to destroy things, I had models of the Seaview, the flying sub, the land of the Giants spaceship thing, the Jupiter two, all melted or blown up. My brother and I got very creative with fire cracker products and flammable home cleaning products.

I mostly like red letter media‘s opinions about some of the Star Wars worst travesties, but this, this is almost unforgivable!



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Hey, look at it like this: Those of us that have vintage figures, our stock just went up!
Yup, because someone decided to burn a lot of money. Now if we could do a group buy of a few issues of Action Comics #1 and then ...


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It's never been stated, but based on their VHS and DVD collection, I'm guessing people send them this garbage for them to destroy.

They did a whole thing on this one VHS/DVD they have a ridiculous amount of copies of... People just send them over and over...

In the box I dropped off at value village a couple years back, I had like 8 vintage figures, but didn't care if I could get a couple bucks...there were 3 bib fortunas (sp?)... some lizard guy from ROTJ, some guy with a beard from... Empire? a Crappy luke, and a leigha without her bounty hunter helmet.

I could have sent them to RLM and watched them throw em in a tank. Who cares?

In a lot of cases, they are just landfill.

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I still stand by my sentiment that it was the best The Last Jedi video review ever and that it was a perfect visual metaphor for what the series has become.

The anger I felt watching TLJ is what many people here felt watching those figures melt.


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I understand that it's his feeling towards TLJ. But in my opinion stunt like that is still giving Star Wars and the new films publicity. Does Disney care what we do? Hey they are still talking about our property. Free advertising!

It's like similar to a troll trying to gain a rise out of people. Goal achieved.