Pathetic Man-Child Destroys 2,387 Vintage Star Wars Figures


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I was sitting there with my mouth open watching him REALLY do it. Oh boy! That was something. I would not even dare to think about doing such in my entire life. I grew up with Kenner Star Wars, the Jawa and the Sand People were the first action figures I ever got (and I still have them with accessories). I had the same thoughts regarding the value. He blew up 2000+ $ by destroying iconic items. However, I suppose the figs were mostly defective and about C7 (look at the paint rub on the hairlines of several fgures). However, this and the fact that there are now 2400 figs less in the world means the remaining ones of higher quality have just increased in value. This eases my mind a bit. ;)

Psab keel

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Everyone is crying about this video but no one is talking about the single figures they did this to in earlier videos.

While I would never do that to any vintage figures myself, he can do whatever he wants. I don't see what the big deal is. The whole thing is meant to grab attention and he got it.

It's not like they robbed starving children of food. The fact that they have upset so many people has only proved the point of this stunt in the first place. The entire thing is a visual metaphor for the way Disney has treated the fans.

This was by far the best The Last Jedi review video I've ever seen. It's exactly how I felt. People on Facebook are losing their minds over this and making literal death threats. It's pathetic. Plus people saying he's a loser and live in his parent's basement should really think before they speak because the same kinds of remarks have been said about people like us who make props and costumes too and none of us take too kindly to remarks like that. Just because Red Letter Media did something you don't like, you're now ready to hurl the same kinds of insults at them that we rally against? C'mon, let's be reasonable here.
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I literally just vomited after watching that video, not only at the pure spite for such collectibles but at the pure stupidity at his idea... So many other ways to dispose of them and end up making a great memory for himself and or others, many others have already stated them so I will not repeat them. Just pure spite and stupidity in that video still sick to my stomach
Seriously?! Did this traumatize you so much that it physically make you bring up your last meal? The last time I did that I found out my father died.


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Space Opera.

Red Letter Media made a great visual metaphor.

Star Wars used to be special. Now it's just a big mess that you can't fix.

I agree, which is why they probably should have destroyed toys from the prequels that rotted on shelves, or any number of the rehashed toys that had little collectors value, or TFA, R1, TLJ and Solo Era toys that can't be given away.

The toys of the OT Era still have collectable value.

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If they'd destroyed any of the figures that you mentioned people wouldn't be losing their minds because those toys are worthless as collectibles and as toys. It would be nothing more than them destroying garbage. No one would be upset.

The whole point was to upset people by taking something that had meaning and making it worthless. Which is not only a scathing view of the series outside of the OT but of the way Lucasfilm has treated the fans.

I think the fact that this has caused waves only proves their point.

I'm not gonna lie. I had two brand new vintage Star Wars figures growing up and maybe another two to three used ones that were gifted to me by my older cousins. I would have KILLED to own any of the ones they melted when I was young. In fact I have a distinct memory of going to Odd Lot as a kid and walking into the toy aisle and seeing from floor to ceiling a wall of (brand new at the time) original figures, vehicles and playsets of which I could have purchased any figure I wanted. I was after Luke Skywalker in his black outfit and when they didn't have him I was so disappointed I passed up the chance to get another figure because I was so upset which I regret to this day. (sigh)

Having a piece of the movie to take home was HUGE when I was a kid, especially because we didn't have a lot of money and getting to pick out a toy was like winning the lottery. That doesn't mean to much to kids these days. On a larger scale it's what those toys represented that has people upset.

I'd say it was a perfect metaphor for what I felt watching The Last Jedi and to a lesser degree the Prequels. I know it sounds extreme and perhaps melodramatic, but tell me you didn't feel a certain amount of rage watching those figures melt. Watching the little plastic faces of Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo melt into gray soup was essentially what was done to those characters in the new films and the criticisms leveled at fans for not accepting the fate of their beloved heroes was just further acetone added to the tank.

It wouldn't mean anything if Red Letter Media had melted new figures. No one would care.

kristen jones

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but tell me you didn't feel a certain amount of rage watching those figures melt.
Yep, I did.

But i felt that because I played with them as a kid, and miss them.

I didn't however, feel as you've described when i watched TLJ. THAT is where some of us differ...while we are all on the same page about getting the hurt about seeing toys we remember fondly being destroyed, we don't all necessarily feel that the same was done to the story of star wars, and that is where the disconnect lies.

Anyway, obviously we get that he was making a point--and we take that point--but don't necessarily agree with it.

That's all.

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I'm fine with opposing opinions. I was more frustrated with the reaction by people making death threats on Facebook. It's one thing to disagree, it's something else entirely to wish physical harm on someone. That's not cool.

kristen jones I appreciate you always being a voice of reason. I know I can get pretty heated sometimes. Lol