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"Discuss scale models from movies, television shows and other media or showcase your original designs and collection."

guess this is a lot more "original" designs than recreations used in movies/tv.

I've recently been ghosting this and other quality modeling sites and am drawn very much to what I see here. There are some tremendous projects and awesome completed works here. I hope that I can soon fit in and become a contributing member here.

Anyway, thought the membership here might like to see some of my work from a semi-related venture. I made custom paintball guns along specific themes and for many different games/venues. I thought they'd be appreciated and may spark some interest in gun models.

If this would be better moved, or not fit in, Mods/Admins feel free to adjust as necessary.

Thanks for hosting and populating this forum!

Most of the modified guns are Tippmann A-5's and Tiberius T8/9's with a few others. All are full sized, working paintball guns built/modified by myself, using everything from electronics upgrades to plumbing and cosmetics.
Feel free to ask any questions...












steam punkish:




made the stock from a blank, trigger, adjustable butt etc on this one. It started life as a pistol and takes an 8 round magazine in the grip (which necessitated it being so large):





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those are all really good work, can tell a lot of time and effort gone into them and the digital cammo is really well done
those are all really good work, can tell a lot of time and effort gone into them and the digital cammo is really well done

Thanks, the digicam was duracoated and farmed out to a friend in AZ who owns tacticalcamo

I'm a member at the UMS forum. Britt, is that you?

Yeah, it's me.

UMS Is gone tho, or soon will be. After loosing my close friend, it ended what little drive I had left for it.

I'm still helping a couple of the locals now and then, but that's about it.
here's a vid testing out one side of the quad gun above.
Once set up correctly each barrel could shoot 20+ balls per second giving the unit total firepower exceeding 80 paintballs in one second...

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