How interchangeable are parts for airsoft guns?


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I'm trying to make a replica of Romeo's Para-Ordnance P13 pistol from the 1996 Romeo + Juliet movie and I'm thinking of frankensteining parts from two different airsoft 1911 pistols into something that has most of the details of the original gun (not the short barrel unfortunately, I can't find anything like that that isn't metal and I want this to be as con-safe as possible). Should this be possible? The part I'm most worried about is the slide. I certainly don't need the end result to be functional (I'll disable the internals anyway), just to fit together well enough.
Well, for example, I see that the best donors for this custom will be WE or KJW airsoft guns.

As I understand it, you are interested in building or obtaining something like this object?


Why WE or KJW?

Well, for starters, they are very cheap. . .

You can buy a lot of spare parts, and take them and redo them.

Also, are you interested in props for the show, or for role-playing, with action?

Secondly, there is good compatibility between them, between TM-WE-KJW (but it will require fine fine-tuning with a file, and an understanding of the operation of the trigger mechanism of an airsoft gun). Provided that you want to get - a working replica for role-playing games with action.

If you need a sample for display in a shop window and for the delight of your eyes, you can easily get by by buying a 1911 frame from an airsoft gun, modifying it with metalwork, and for example, making a slider using 3D printing.

Or again - locksmith tools.

In the end, you will succeed.

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