Paint weathering suggestions: Fine Molds Falcon


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Hey all... I was just looking at my Falcon last night, thinking about how to approach all the "weathering" on it. I don't have an airbrush, but had read in Phase Pistols thread something about using crushed up pastels and a paintbrush. Could this be used for some of the "stained" areas around the holes in the top and bottom of the mandibles, using a round soft brush with a succession of light to darker chalks? Or, if anyone has any links to good info sites, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


franz bolo

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I don't post here, or even read here that much, but when I used to make airplanes, I always made them battle damaged.

I'd paint them with flat colored spray paint. I'd then get some watercolor paint and a blow dryer. I'd prop the plane up on it's tail so the paint would run down the body. Wash on some watered down black, and blow dry it fast.

You have to do this a lot. It will build up a nice texture. It can also be washed off if you need to.

I would then use a solder iron to make small bullet holes. Sometimes the silver solder would get in the small holes. It looked cool.

I'd also make larger holes and paint it black around that area. You can then use cottom balls and stream them out so it looks like smoke.

After I was done painting the model, I would blow talcum powder over the model then blow off certain areas.

It made it look really weathered. I've never used pastels, but that sounds like a great idea.