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I am working on some prop stools and am in need of removing the outer (only) layer of paint on the legs. Is there a good spray or goop I can buy at Home Depot/Lowes that I can apply to do so?

Thanks in advance,

Pics to follow...


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In such cases I use a nail polish remover (no, I'm not a woman :lol) and a high quality microfiber cloth. But you must make sure, that the nail polish remover doesn't contain acetone!!!


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I use mineral spirits, that seems to do the trick. However, I would always do a test before I continue, but it didn't melt my rare resin Tom Servo engine when I had to remove some paint.


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What kind of paint did you use and what are you trying to paint? If Alcohol doesn't work.. Then Acetone. If Acetone doesn't work then Paint thinner... If that doesn't work then you can buy heavy duty paint stripper from home depot or lowes.
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