Paint help needed!


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I cannot find krylons short cuts ocean blue anywhere.
I have called 3 different Hobby Lobbys in my area and 1 Michaels,K-mart, Lowes and Depot with no luck. Hobby Lobby carries the Krylpon Short Cuts but doesn't have the Ocean Blue color i need. :(
Can someone ship me a couple of cans? I think you can ship spraypaint by ground only??
If any one can help me out i would really appreciate it.
I need it for my Jango helmet.


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Originally posted by matt1466@Feb 5 2006, 05:47 AM
I can check locally on Monday.  Is that OK?

Thanx bro.
but i just found a site that sells it.
I appreciate your offer though. :thumbsup


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One good thing about Alaska, I have found alot of that stuff. Spray, bottle or paint pen? I coudl hsip you some but ground shipment from alaska was take some time, I think someone els can get it to you faster. If you want a few bottles and apen and I drop them in the mail tommorrow.