The helmet looks AWESOME so far! Same with the other little pieces and guns. I've been thinking of doing this one myself for a while, really excited to see what you achieve.
First and Second cast!

First one was with Smooth-on 65D
Had a few issues and weak spots

But It fit nicely

Rotocasted the helmet using Smooth-on 57D. Loving how translucent it looks, would be great for LED.

Started working on the Coat.
Building Muslin first since the material is expensive and I don't want to screw up (too much).

Thanks Dave! I actually originally got the file from you through your facebook page ;)
Oh wow, well that's awesome :) i can't tell you how cool that is. I haven't visited RPF for ages i saw your build and went wow. I need to comment.
I went and checked the downloads ... 3 people have downloaded that Reaper, doesn't mean they're building it though. The popularity list is not surprising... in order of downloads
If i add them all up Genji, Mercy & Brigitte are getting the most love <3

Baiju Genji
Moira Blackwatch
Reinhardt Classic
Ana Snow Owl
Brigette Shield Maiden
Brigette Classic
Genji Classic
Soldier 76 Venom
Blackwatch Genji
Hanzo Cyber Ninja
Hanzo Scion
Combat Medic Mercy
Mercy Winged Victory
Pink Mercy
Mercy Devil Imp
...the rest

Anyway, carry on, your build looks fantastic i'm so glad the files were some use for you. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.
More Sewing!

Worked on the sleeves and the Cuffs. Creating the ruffles on the cuff was a challenge, had to double the cuff size to account for the ruffles and after many trial and error, decided to get a ruffling foot for the sewing machine. The foot made a big difference and the ruffles look uniform and professional(ish)

Made the belt out of EVA foam, going to give it that leather look later

Trying out a smoke machine that I got from Wayne's workshop planning to install it in the lining with the tube sticking out. Luckelly it will give it that smoke effect used for his wraith form, shadow step and death blossom

Will be using these LEDs in the guns... eventually

liking the look so far!
Worked on the lining.

Added some inner welt pockets to hold some electronics.

Added a hidden zipper to gain access to the wires/EL/LED that will be installed behind the lining.

Started adding details before installing the lining

Next will be testing the smoke machine and installing EL wires also started to export the game textures so that I can convert them to SVG and send them to the Cricut to cut out the more intricate curves and design
The Coat is DONE!!!!!

Lining is attached, added EL lighting,

Hooked up the Rubber hose to 1/4 Tee bard used for irrigation system

I installed a few button straps and button holes in the lining to allow passing wires and tubes in and out of pockets. That allows me the ability to connect the smoke machine to the USB battery pack without any visible wires.

I put in a few grommets at the shoulder and serve as exhaust ports for the smoke

Working on the capelet know
Had this Idea for the Smoke machine on/off button.

Made a small toggle button

Was able to sew it into the glove

Really happy with the results

Was also able to finish the capelet

Made the shoulder pads out of Sintra

Wrapped them in Carbon Fiber

The back design was cut using Cricut Explore air 2 from the extracted Texture files

Working on the ascot now
Had a chance to finish up the greaves and boots

Started with a test to make sure all the different pieces fit together nicely

Completed the greaves with so very nice HD Foam from TNTCosplay and redmoon cosplay

Got myself some comfy cheap shoes, wrapped and duct taped them to draw the boot pattern.
Cut it up and transferred it to foam and was able to glue it onto the shoes

Now that the weather is nicer in Calgary, I'll be able to get back in the garage to sand and dremel the details in.
I'll also get to finish the guns...

25 days till CCEE... con crunch is real
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