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  1. dannylopuz

    Overwatch Soldier 76 100% Leather Jacket - L

    I have this remaining jacket from an old run I did in the forums (https://www.therpf.com/.../overwatch-soldier-76-leather.../). The jacket is size L and the price includes shipping to the continental US, with international shipping available.
  2. MedusaMay

    Making Junkrat's Tire~♡

    Kind of didnt know where to start but somehow I figured it out :) YouTube Video
  3. dashy

    Hayseed Junkrat cosplay [ Overwatch ]

    This project took over 2 years as I kept upgrading it. Love the skin design so much! ❤ Tags: (1) E.Hua Photography (3) Snap Happy Ian (10) Video: Kevin The Director (The rest are shot by myself) Reference: Construction notes: Mask: Mostly eva foam; heat...
  4. JBCosplay

    Overwatch Reinhardt - Crusader Skin Build

    I've been around the forums here for a while but only recently made an account and with my current build I figured it was about time I start my own thread! This build initially started almost a year ago however I only started making progress this summer. I stopped in order to finish other...
  5. HeartlessQuinn

    Zenyatta (Overwatch) Cosplay First Time

    In 2017, I wanted to really get into cosplay after attending a convention in Chicago. I was amazed by everyone dressed. I have always been quite handy so I gave it a go and decided that I'll try Zenyatta. I don't play him often but since it was my first time I didn't want to show my face. That...
  6. jbparis22

    Mounting arms on Torso - Winston Overwatch

    I'm building a Winston (Explorer Skin) for SDCC and BlizzCon. So far, it's coming out as planned... But I'm not confident on the best way to connect the arms to the upper torso. I welcome any suggestions and advice. It's a two-piece outfit. One of my biggest concerns is when it's time to use the...
  7. WIP-and-test-muslin


  8. Rhoswen Cosplay

    Snowball - Mai from Overwatch

    Hi there! I’m planning to have a photo shoot early December 2019 for a Hannah Alexander Artwork design of Mei from Overwatch. Now Mei’s character has a robot, Snowball. I’d like to make a multi-rotor drone that can support 1 lb max of foam or another lightweight material for an exoskeleton...
  9. halrhyrr

    Lucio from Overwatch - EVA Foam Build

    So I've made some decent progress on this build and as such I am now happy to post about it. Many other Lucio builds I've seen have been missing parts, or skimping a bit on the small details. I'm hoping to fix that with this costume, go as accurate as possible while still being able to actually...
  10. pazscall

    Overwatch - Reaper Dracula Skin [Done]

    WIP of my Overwatch Dracula Reaper build. Target date is end April 2019 for the Calgary Comic Expo Dracula Reaper by pazscall posted Dec 13, 2018 at 10:44 AM
  11. Terry Lyons

    Tracer's Pulse Pistols, Overwatch

    The prop-making projects I take on keep increasing in complexity and time to complete, so I go a long time without posting anything. After finishing my Witcher 3 Swords, I was planning on taking a break from prop-making, but that didn’t last long! As usual, idly considering “How would I build…?”...

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