1. WIP-and-test-muslin


  2. celtic0130

    REAPER from OVERWATCH Cosplay by Celtic Props

    Hey guys :D It's been decades since I last made a thread here like, literally... Anyways, I just wanted to share a recently concluded project that I've made.. It's REAPER from the online multiplayer game OVERWATCH... All the prop and armor pieces are made by me out of scratch. I can't find any...
  3. Juakie

    Reaper Overwatch

    Some photos documenting the work on my Reaper :-)
  4. H

    Reaper - Overwatch

    Like so many others who had a chance to play Overwatch at Blizzcon, I’m eagerly anticipating the next time I can jump into the game! For those that haven’t seen much about it, the game features simply amazing character design – it’s the kind of thing where someone like myself will sit in...
  5. renaissance_man

    Reaper Tv Series Props

    Does anyone know what happened to the props from the abc tv series Reaper? I know Nick/Nicholas Dibley was the prop master for the series, and on the 2nd season DVD boxset there is a short behind the scenes where he shows the Vessel boxes, but I haven't seen any of the props for auction or sale...