Overwatch McCree Pistol


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New in town, thought I'd post an early progress pic. The game Overwatch isn't released yet, though I've seen some great cosplay of several of the characters already, and this character was recently announced, Jesse McCree. I'm going to try and cosplay him, this is early work on his pistol. Created a SketchUp model, not sure it's completely accurate as there are limited images of him, but pretty close. Next to work on is the front barrel assembly.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!


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This is coming out really awesome so far! I really dig this character and would love to see the final product!


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Hey man that Sketchup model is legit.
I have to ask since I'm attempting this myself, could I snag a copy of the file so I can mess around with it?


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A few more details to add, the spur in the handle and the upper sides have a more organic design that I need to sculpt. I had ambitions originally to be able to spin the bullet cylinder, but opted to make it all one solid piece in the interest of time for Denver Comic Con next month.



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So the pistol is finished, and priming. A few other elements as well which may belong more in the costume forum. I have more in-process pics that I can post up sometime if there is any interest, but also a question.

Is it worth casting this in resin? I may do so simply for the experience of doing it, having never molded or cast anything before, and certainly this version has some fragile elements. I've already dropped it and had to fix small parts, so there is value in just having the mold. Really though, I've never tried to sell anything like this, so I'm trying to get an honest take on what the quality looks like to some of you Pro's out there. This is a hobby for me, and I enjoyed making this, but is it worth trying to recap some of the costs? Feel free to be brutally honest, any insights or feedback is appreciated.

overwatch pistol 2.png overwatch pistol 1.png
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