The Ghoul's Pistol from Amazon's Fallout


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Hi everybody!

This is the result of a couple weeks of pouring over screenshots and fusion360. The cylinder spins and is sized to accept 20ga brass shotshells. The hammer can be pulled back manually, or actuated by squeezing the trigger. Finally, it breaks open for loading as seen on screen.

All parts are 3d printed in PLA, and there are some bearings and brass tubing for the cylinder to spin on. There is also a magnet that indexes the cylinder in the correct spot.

I'll upload some videos of it in action, as well as with the shotshells loaded once they arrive. I'll also show the assembly of the next version, there are a couple minor things I want to fix on it, and I want to try to make pulling the trigger also advance the cylinder.

There weren't any clear images of the handle, so I'm particularly interested in opinions around them.

Let me know what you think!


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Thanks. Yeah, I saw that too when I started researching it, and since there weren't many great shots of it the show I actually started modeling the mts255, but I'm positive it isn't actually that. If it's a real firearm I'd love to find it, but if not it's definitely inspired by the MTs255. However, it breaks open where the MTs255 swings out.



That's what I thought too, which is why there's the circular bit by the thumb which a couple screenshots suggest is there, and the "metal" bit on the end of the grips, which I'm less sure about. The more I look at it, the more I'm sure it isn't really there, but it still looks cool.

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