On the hunt for a good M41A Pulse Rifle kit

I bought a Snow Wolf a few months ago and I'm very happy with it. I didn't want a stunt type solid resin rifle so options were limited for me in the UK.

The Snow Wolf has a lot of flaws/inaccuracies but when I stand back and look at it, it's no doubt a M41A Pulse Rifle. At this point in life its good enough for me.
How did you get a pulse rifle into the UK? Thats a far more interesting question ! Lol To many people running around with those you could topple the Government lol .
why the reaction to the snow wolf? trying to gather all the facts.
I've no issues with the Snow Wolf (ignoring the shape of the back of the shroud & the dumb shotgun shell).
As others have said, it's an excellent starting point, AND you can play airsoft with it, should you want to [duh :) ]. The airsoft bits are upgradable / replaceable too. Quite a few ppl have replaced the Thompson AEG with a WE gas blow-back Thompson, &/or put working springer or gas-powered airsoft shotguns in the G/L section. Pricey, but sexy AF.

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