Oblivion (2013) - Costume Found Object - ID The goggles, tactical gloves and boots?


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I believe that the map is Chesapeake Bay, the “Mary” is Maryland, and I found an old map with the 50 in the corner. I don’t have the drive with me at the moment, but the only issue as I recall was the font was a little off on my map. I was going to keep looking for maps from the period, but after about 40 hours of screwing around with the project, I got burned out. lol


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Anyone ever ID the correct Lays of Ancient Rome book? Ive searched but havent ever found the correct copy.

Also the book from the deleted scene 'the archives', is a 1990 Gunniess world records small paperback. The 1989 and 1991 editions look close but have different coloured backgrounds (white, yellow). I think the grey 1990 is the correct one. (Sorry for crappy phone screengrabs)


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If anyone is interested there is a Ralph Lauren Double RR blue plaid shirt as worn by Tec49 on eBay at the moment, size medium. eBay #403835292596 for $104.95 in Portland Oregon. I already have this in medium but if anyone has one in XXL that is too big for them and would like to swap or knows where there is one this size available, I would appreciate a heads up.


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Anyone else still searching for the Lays of Ancient Rome book? I found some copies with similar detailing on cover and spine, so im heading towards thinking its some sort of college/uni edition or gift maybe..

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