Obi1kenny's Rebel Blaster prototype


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Speaking of Rebel Blasters, I finally have something to show off.
I have been working on this project off and on now for a few months, while the rest of my prop group is busy building Fett rifles and Fett helmets. Anyhow from gathering info to scaling and drawing prints and the usual, I have gotten this far with my prototype. But I could still use more help on identifying or coming to some middle ground as to the basic detail of this ANH style gun.

On to the pics. The sterling parts are from the one and only CHRIMA the great.




Well, thatÂ’s my progress so far, and itÂ’s still just my prototype.
I would like to thank a few people for helping thus far. My buds, Goffcorp and Chrima, and special thanks to Chris (lonepigion) for supplying a few great pics and a bit of info, Richard (TK-818 ) for the awesome tutorial over on ASAP, letting me check out his gun first hand and answering a few question, John (jhyphen) for supplying a few pics too, weird huh. Also, again Wackychimp for the pic hosting


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vader71 wrote:
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That is a very cool blaster. How about better pictures of the one just to the right?
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I had a thread up a while back on the Sterling metal/resin prototype kit that I was working on. But that was put on hold, so there's not much more to see. But I can't turn down a request.



I would really like some insight on the Rebel Blaster if anyone can add something I may not know as of yet. Thanks -Ken


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Hey Ken, looking great. Here is another piece of the puzzle.


The one on the left is the cast version. I used clear resin for the cone. It is kinda blurry because it was some old stock and it got alot of bubbles. The actual scopes cones will turn out much better. They will also have the black part imbeded in the clear cone too.



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Both of those guns are looking awesome!

(he..he...we have the same mouse pad too- but uor audience is still watching a blank screen

BTW- One of you last 3 guys needs to check your HTML or BB code!!!



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Sorry for the dissappearance and what seems to be random editing. The issue was caused by a signature. I have removed it and informed the member. Hopefully we can figure out what happened in order to get that sig back asap.


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sure WS
Oh, and thanks for the other great comments.

OK, back to the Rebel Blaster.

This is about the best source picture I have been able to find and used it a little bit to scale off of. So what the hell is that crap on the side of the scope rail?


Could we be looking at more parts from the V8 model kit? Just come kind of funny rod that was placed there or is it really a wiper blade?


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Not quite on the Single Point.
That's the old style SP:


To make it accurate you need the front cone, an orange "stem" and the covers for the adjustment knobs:


You remove the front dome cone, cut down the red sight and add the red stem.


It should look like this:


Here's my DH17:


With holster:



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On that DH17 pic.
I think it could be a stunt body from ANH but the scope and rings were probably added later.
The rings are the wrong type and they used real Single Points in ANH.

I think the strip that runs along the side of the scope rail is grip material (same for the saber and Sterling barrel).
It looks like it was removed or fell off and left a glue mark.
To bad we don't have a shot of the other side.


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gavidoc wrote:
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looks like a resin cast blaster and the part that ahs snapped was a resin copy of a washerblade that has broken.
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OK, this sounds like a good theory.
I think everyone agrees that this is a resin stunt blaster and that that is basically what was used in the movie, the think trigger guard without trigger.

I like the looks of the wiper blade on the side of the scope rail, gives it a nice clean look to it. Still looks like it could be a small rectangular greeblie at the front of the rail side then a rod or broken resin blade down the rest of the side.

Also, looks to possibly be an extra slotted screw run threw the back sight to maybe hold the rail on place before it was cast. ItÂ’s much bigger than the step on the real sterling back sight. Just speculation too.


Also, the scope rings on this resin blaster are incorrect and believe to be added years later with another solid resin scope.


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You typed your response before I got my theory posted.

On the single point scope that Chrima has copied, I believe that the real scope on the right is a loner from Chris James, but donÂ’t know if the tip is an add-on or what.
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