Not quite a replica..? Robin Hood Quiver

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by geek, Mar 19, 2015.

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    Didn't really know where to put this since it's not really a replica, just VERY loosely based on the quiver that Robin had in the BBC series Robin Hood from several years ago.

    The finished product:

    11054363_1033629136652077_5674413143051961109_n.jpg 10982407_1033629233318734_4157657220418573467_n.jpg 10356144_1034025349945789_8761474638809695882_n.jpg

    So I modified it pretty heavily from the original, but I think it turned out really nice and I'm very proud of it, especially for having started the project and completed it in one day. Also, I've gotten a lot better at setting rivets, so that's good! hahahaha.

    Related note: I am SO ready for spring to come so I can start practicing archery again. And fishing. And hiking. And gardening.

    Anyway, thanks for checking this out. (-:

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    That looks great!
  3. geek

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    Many thanks! I really appreciate it.

    And here's a little matching bowstring keeper that I made today for the sake of convenience:
    I would be happy to post the pattern if anyone is interested!

    (Also, sorry for the category confusion, mods! I wasn't really sure if Off-Topic or Replica Props was the proper place for the thread...)
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    Nice job on the quiver and string keeper. Getting ready to start back in on archery my own self.(as soon as I come up with the money to by my recurve).
    I'm planning on making my own quiver, armguard, shooting glove, etc.
    If you would, could you please post that pattern? It would be a big help
    Have fun with your bow.

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