Nostromo Inspired Crew Jacket


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I was given the Blu-ray Alien box set for X-Mas two years ago, and I finally got around to watching the whole series this past week. Watching it, particularly the first film, reminded me how much I like the aesthetics of that universe. So much so that I decided that I should make a Nostromo crew jacket. However, I also decided to deviate a bit from the base jacket in the film, as I want to wear this jacket around, and laces aren't really my bag...


There seemed to me to be a bit of leeway with what patches to put on my jacket, since each of the crew seems to have a bit of originality to their jacket, so I went with the lighter should patches (which I believe are the officer patches), the blue Weyland-Yutani wing patch, and I went with the British uniform patch on a whim, which worked out in my favor later.


As for the jacket, after a while of searching I lucked into an RAF jacket on the electronic bay, which I believe to be some sort of flight jacket, which fits with the British patch and the theme of the jacket. It also helps that it looks similar in design to a jacket I had lusted over a while back...

Untitled3.png IMG_1452.JPG
(I'm the second guy ;) )

Well, the jacket arrived today, so right after this I'm going to get to sewing. I'll post when it's a bit further along.



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Well, that was simultaneously the most and quickest I've ever sewn, most of my sewing experience has been relegated to sewing a single patch on my high school messenger bag. Thankfully, I only stabbed my finger a few times. And my mouth once. And I only sorta sewed the right sleeve together twice. :lol


I'm pretty happy with the result. I think with the jacket style, it'll probably look just like a navy or air force jacket to the uninitiated. Can't wait to wear it in public and have someone recognize where its from. Anybody think I should get the super 70's font "Nostromo" emblazoned on the back?


Anyway, I'm very pleased with the outcome, especially since the total cost of the entire thing was about $42.