Alien EVA helmet and spacesuit.

obiwan kowalski

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Started 3D printing the helmet for an Alien EVA spacesuit. This is gonna be a long build. The goal is to replicate the yellow suite used by Amanda Ripley in the Alien Isolation video game. It might end up mixing and matching to my Aliens Colonial Marine armor to replicate the tech manual spacesuits. The bubble was acquired on amazon.

Excellent!!! New favourite thread! Following, obviously :D

I've also made a start on the Mk.50 suit (I've only sorted the pants, the boots & greaves/padding so far). Next is puzzling out the interface pieces between the Marine chest/back plates and the helmet seal.

I'm working on making displays of a few of the CMTM marines, this is from a local Con just been (SGunner did have a M56 ... for all of about 3 seconds, but was too heavy for the dummy so had to abandon that) -

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