New retro style serial "The Mercury Men" online now.


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In case no one has seen this yet, this is for those of us who enjoy the retro stuff.

The Mercury Men - Main

It's fun to watch and not too bad for an indy film maker with a very limited budget.

There are some nifty free digital props on the website, too.
If there's any interest, all episodes of "The Mercury Men" are available on Xfinity on Demand if you should happen to have Comcast as your cable provider.

I just watched this again, and although it has it's weak points, it's still a fun ride.
As a big fan of King of the Rocketmen since I was a kid, I really like this!

Only managed to watch the first three eps so far - being from the UK, I can't enjoy it as easily as some! Not available on UK iTunes, can't watch it (officially... ) on Hulu, and it's available from but I don't have a US Amazon account!

Any chance of it hitting DVD?
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