New Republic / Rebel Alliance Collar Device Representation and other insignia.

20 years certainly flew by, but those early badges turned out to be the best casts I did.

And even after 20 years, I'm still being surprised with new reference photos we're coming across. Recently, Hasbro produced an updated ESB Rebel Solder with a reference photo I hadn't seen before. The ESB badge he is wearing has a different color configuration from the two Han and Luke/Leia badges we all know and love:
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From left to right: Luke/Leia Badge, Han Solo Badge and the Rebel Soldier (More than likely an Officer) badge.

You were also the the one who milled out the square backing for my OT Major and Commander ranks shown in above post.
I am a retired USN, LCDR and I can tell you that whatever you know about US officer ranks no matter which branch, just forget it because it does not directly apply to the SWU, at least not when we talk rebels and resistance members. Furthermore, you also have to forget anything from the old canon. Those old West End books, Video Game ranking systems, etc... appears to have been swept away. So any confusion fans have is understandable.

For the most part, I believe this ranking system for resistance members holds up for Rebels/New Republic as well. The only difference is that the resistance ranks connected the dots. It is a combo of know Army and Navy rank names intertwined and this rank system (they did a similar thing in BSG) applies to both the Army and Navy forces with the exception of nomenclatures for General and Admiral based on the branch.

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In case you can not envision it in your head.. I added a dot to represent the pips of the older badges.

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From what I have observed, the Imperials use the rank of Captain like traditional Navy (pay grade of 06 which is the same as a Colonel ins the Army) For the Rebels, New Republic, Resistance, the rank of Captain is like that of the Army (pay grade 03 which is that of a Lieutenant in the Navy).

However, the Rebels, New Republic, Resistance do use the term of Captain as a position (as you touched on above), meaning that they have command of a ship or unit but is not necessarily the rank of that person. But it is considered proper in a military unit to address a person as Captain even if not their rank. It is hard to tell in the OT what rank Han is prior to that of General because he might be getting address as Captain Solo because he is Captain of the Falcon or if he also happens to be the rank of Captain as well.

Lastly, the SWU tends to also assign ranks a lot differently than the real military. But if you go through a few posts back, you can see a real Navy LT (Capt in the Army) who is getting a command pin afloat for a unit so there is real precedence for the junior officer like the one in Ahsoka to have command of a ship. Most likely to, as a transport, it might be considered a smaller ship, and a stepping stone to higher ranks and bigger ships. But, I think the SWU throws out General ranks like Samuel L Jackson throws out F@&%S.
You're right that rank system from The Force Awakens you shared is the one they seem to be using for the New Republic (alas). That actually does come from the old sourcebooks, although I kind of wish they did abandon it as I'm pretty sure John Mollo intended the navy to have it's separate navy-inspired denomination- I believe he was a military man himself. What amuses me is they've never truly explained what a Major or a Colonel in the Navy does and consistently show Captains as...well Captains- and are stuck with Lieutenant as the only rank below that!

I confess I know far less about the US Military than yourself as a Brit who has never served, but I have kind of obsessed about Star Wars ranks and badges more than I probably should lol!
As far as I can understand, Star Wars militaries tend to different from real modern ones in four key ways:

-Commander seems to replace Lt Colonel as the army OF-5 rank. They went crazy with this in the prequels with the Clone Wars just calling everyone General or Commander, but by what I can only assume is a happy accident, the responsibilities seem to pretty much line up across the board. Lt Colonels are just generally called Commanders in Star Wars.

-Lieutenant seems to just be Lieutenant across the board. Ensigns are a thing, but it seems not quite on the same level as army counterpart 2nd Lieutenants

-Fighter squadrons are very often led by officers of an army captain (OF-3) rank. See Gold Leader, Ric Ole, Poe Dameron in TLJ, Lindon James at the start of Squadrons and Hera at the start of Rebels. (However there are one or two Lieutenants with squadrons hence my hope for a parallel Navy rank system alongside this!) I know Luke is a Commander in Empire, but he's actually leading all the squadrons operating out of Echo Base.

-Majors are in charge of battalions, which I seem to recall used to be the case from my limited time studying military history, but doesn't seem to now.
I know, I know ... this thread is about the New Republic / Rebel Alliance.
But this was a great explanation(y):D it makes me a little bit easier to understand these Rebel Scums ;)
Do you have something similar about the Imperials? On the Internet you can find many charts, but they are mostly different to each other.
Have you seen this one? This is the system they used in Rogue One, Solo, Obi-Wan and Andor. It does my head in slightly because it misses out OF-5 and makes Operations different again for some reason, but it's at least coherent. The one thing I'd say about it is in canon I don't believe there are stormtrooper ranks about Colonel.

Also here's the post-ANH empire ranks chart from the end of the EU era, but with a couple of changed titles it seems The Mandalorian et al are kind of still following it.


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They did a great job on the costume, but the metal backing for the rank badge looks like it's 1/16" thick. Either that or it's just a thin piece of plastic, colored aluminum. Looks like they found the correct model parts for the rank pips. :)
Hi ,I am working on my rebel badge and I am trying to identify the original kit parts,specially those marked in red.Any help?.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi ,I am working on my rebel badge and I am trying to identify the original kit parts,specially those marked in red.Any help?.

Thanks in advance.
They've identified the parts here:


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